Monday, 21 April 2014

Sinai, Egypt

Sinai is a penninsula located across the Suez Canal from Egypt, and borders with Israel on the eastern side. It is part of Egypt even though it was invaded by Israel in 1956 and in 1967. It is the most well known province of Egypt and the inhabitants speak Arabic, but it is geographically separated from the rest of Egypt. And it is the only "African territory" in Asia [which doesn't make sense]. There are also three bridges across the Suez Canal connecting to Asia so basically you can walk from Africa to Asia whenever you want, or, you can drive through a small tunnel connecting the two continents.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Alaska, and why it should be part of Canada.


Fellow Canadians, when you hear that word, you probably think of the United States.
And why? Because Alaska is in the U.S.A. Why? Well, the U.S. claims it is because they bought it from Russia- more than 200 years ago. That is like The U.K. hanging on to all its colonies, which, FYI, is all but 22 countries, and that is ridiculous. So, patriots, if you want to do something about this, protest for Alaska!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Alert, NU, Canada

Alert, Nunavut is the northernmost permanently inhabited place on earth and has no permanent population. Yeah. Makes no sense. Here's the thing. There is no one living there, but there are people who work there and have rotating shifts. For now, Alert is just a military base, but we all hope that Alert can soon be a place that some people call home.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lake Of The Woods

The lake of the woods is a lake split between Canada and the United States with the U.S. having a little tick into Canada, which you will see in the photo, and please note that this boundary is not disputed, it is just weird.It was created when The British and the Americans were negotiating that the border should go south through the middle of the Great Lakes starting at Lake of the woods. the border would be at the northwesternly point of the lake.

credit to wikipedia, google maps and C.G.P grey.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Canada and the U.S.= best friends? not so much.

Canada and the United States share a demilitarized border and always seem to be rather nice to each other, however not all the time. Today there is still disputed territory like Machias Seal island. Located in the gulf of Maine, it is currently administered by Canada, but claimed by the United States. Canada built a lighthouse on it and the U.S. says it doesn't exist.

Thanks to C.G.P. grey and Wikipedia for this information.